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Flipside to the Rescue and A New Sponsors

1911930_791502137558347_6579252595065737789_nI know there was some disappointment over the cancellation of the events other than the Warhammer 40k GT, however, Flipside Cafe, one of our lovely partners have come to the rescue and will run the Malifaux events on both days at Moor House Adventure Centre as originally planned.

Nate and Connor have done a great job putting the two events together and I felt absolutely terrible to be letting them down, it wasn’t their fault that tickets didn’t sell, that was all on me, so its brilliant that an incredible local business has come to the rescue.

The two events are Sins of the North on Saturday 25th June and Crumpetfaux on the 26th June. They will also be running games of Guildball as well, something which I wanted to fit into Kings of the North originally but couldn’t, so I am glad this is happening. You will be in good hands with Nate and Connor, so if Malifaux is your thing then go give this a go.

Sponsorship Update

boyes-logoToday Boyes have sent us some vouchers for the Warhammer 40k GT, so these are being added to the prize pool, details of which I will try and post later on this week, but needless to say its a decent pool of prizes and hopefully most entrants will go home with something.

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An Update I Have Not Wanted To Write

This is a message I have not wanted to write, but sadly ticket sales for Kings of the North 2016 have not meet expectations.
Despite paying for advertisements and some aggressive marketing, we have hit a brick wall and sales for events other than Warhammer 40k have been quite poor.
So I have had to take the reluctant decision to cancel all events other than the Warhammer 40k GT, something I really didn’t want to do.
Because of this we are now moving our venue to the Croxdale Community Centre and holding the tournament on the 26th June.
Those that have purchased a ticket for anything other than the Warhammer 40k GT will be asked if they wish to transfer their ticket to this, or a full and prompt refund.
The Warhammer 40k GT is shaping up to be a brilliant event and we just got some prize sponsorship from Kromlech today, so I hope those that want to join us can and have an amazing time.
Whereas last year I was in a position to subsidise any loss we made, this year I am unable to do so, hence this announcement. I tried to make the ticket prices more affordable as the biggest complaint last year was that the ticket prices were too high, so I cut costs to the bone in order to try and respond to this criticism. However this has proven to have little impact on people buying tickets.
I have also will admit to having had reduced time to devote to the event recently due to some family issues, my nana has needed some additional care and support following a fall, which in turn has taken up a lot of my time as we arrange things for her to help her to continue to cope living independently as she enters her 86th year.
When I first organised Kings of the North back in October 2014, I had hoped to start an event that could one day grow to be a UK equivalent to the amazing US multi-system events like Adepticon or the Las Vegas Open, sadly it seems my ideas are bigger than my ability to deliver.
I am sorry I haven’t been able to deliver the event, I am sorry I have let you down, I hope to try again in 2017, but right now I am going to concentrate on delivering the best 40k tournament I can.
Kind Regards,
Michael Botterill

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Sponsorship Update


Plans for Kings of the North continue to progress, but I thought it about time to give you guys an update, and today I would like to tell you about some of our sponsors who have come on board over the past few days.

armpainter-logo-mændThe Army Painter

The Army Painter is the brain child of Bo Penstoft and Jonas Faering, both veterans of many years in the wargaming and hobby industry. The Army Painter founders have all in all fielded over 30 fully painted miniature armies, the product of countless of hours of work.

But all those hours spraying, painting and shading are hours not spent at the gaming table! The Army Painters mission is to win back those hours and give you more time for gaming.

The Army painter consists of around twenty people all dedicated to create products that will bring your wargaming miniatures from unboxing to painted gaming standard effortlessly and fast giving you more time for gaming.

Since 2007 several developments have been made in The Army Painter laboratory such as:

Colour Primers, giving hobbyists and gamers the option of spraying on a miniature’s primary colours on instead of painting them on with a brush. So the miniature Colour Primer lets you basecoat an entire regiment at a time – giving you more time for gaming.
Quickshade and the “Quickshade dipping technique”. What separates the novice from the master miniature painter? Most would say the shading and highlighting. Countless hours have been spent giving life to Orks, Elves, Space Marines and Marauders by painstakingly darkening shadows under arms, rifles and talons to make them lifelike. But what if hours could be made in to seconds? The Army Painter Quickshade Dipping Technique does exactly that, a quick dip of your miniature in the Quickshade and a vigorous shake followed by a day of drying and Voila! The miniature has been shaded to perfection, do this with an entire regiment at a time and you will have saved yourself days or even weeks of work. Finished off with The Army Painter anti-shine Varnish for an extremely lifelike result, in an outstanding Gaming Standard.

Together with the Quickshade and the Colour Primer The Army Painter produces a high quality Warpaints series consisting of basecoat colours, inks and metallic Warpaints that has one of the industry’s best coverages. They are extremely easy to work with and yields fantastic results.

Last but definitely not least are The Army Painters line of exceptional hobby tool and wargaming accessories that make gaming and preparation of miniatures as easy as getting a Pack of Orks to attack a helpless village.

During the years The Army Painter has worked with several different gaming companies helping them maximize a games potential by making custom paints, paint sets and painting guides for several different games, for example:

Zombicide, SAGA, Flames of War, Imperial Skies and many more.

This has led to great partner ships with among other:
Cool Mini or Not, Warlord Games, Battlefront Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Mantic Games, Plastic Soldier Company and many more…

What does the future hold for the army painter? Our mission is as always to Get More Time For Gaming. So we will keep on inventing and producing products that do just that. So in the future you will see a lot more interesting product from The Army Painter that will make any miniature army stand out and make wargaming easier and more interesting.
A great thanks go out to all our customers and associates who have helped us become what we are today, and we look forward to many more years working for and with you to…


The Army Painter have provided us with prizes for the raffle and our tournaments.

BLLogoBlack Library

The Black Library is a division of Games Workshop (formerly a part of BL Publishing) which is devoted to publishing novels and audiobooks (and has previously produced art books, background books, and graphic novels) set in theWarhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000 fictional universes.

The publishing company took their name from the fictional Black Library in Warhammer 40,000,[1] where the Eldar race keep their stored knowledge of Chaos and the Necrons. Some of Black Library’s best known titles include the Gaunt’s Ghosts and Eisenhorn series of novels by Dan Abnett and the Gotrek and Felix series by William King and Nathan Long.

Black Library have provided us with prizes for our raffle.

banner_3aSystema Wargaming

Systema Wargaming Scenery is run by guys (and gals!) just like you: we love wargaming and we love cool scenery! Only we decided to start making it ourself. The good news is that you won’t have to: you can just buy ours!

At Systema, we think we’ve got something special going. Allow us to explain why that is!

Our scenery is designed by a real architect to be truly modular.

All the terrain elements (within a single range) seamlessly fit together. Even though you’ll buy the terrain in loose kits (or bundles!), after purchase you can mix and match the pieces at will. So the Base-0 HQ building’s first floor fits with the Habitat buildings’s second floor, vice versa, any way you like.

Personally checked and packed before shipping

We personally handle every single sheet of MDF that goes into (and comes out of) the laser. If there’sanything wrong with it, it doesn’t go into the laser. In the rare instance that it does come through the laser well, it doesn’t get packed! So you’ll always receive complete and fully functional kits. 100% Slovenian handcrafted quality!

Free shipping!

We decided we wanted as many people as possible to be able to buy our stuff. So we decided that if you spend enough to make it worthwhile for us, we’ll make it worthwhile for you! Spend over € 50 in our store and we’ll send you your scenery for FREE anywhere in the European Union. We’ve also got free shipping available for the Rest of Europe (from € 70 spent) and if you spend € 100 or more you get free shipping worldwide.

Systema Wargaming have provided us with scenery for use in the Warhammer 40,000 tournamenets.

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Kings of the North Update

Malifaux (17)We are back after the exhaustion of our Horus Heresy Weekender, which was such a great success that we plan to do it again next year.

But what is happening with Kings of the North 2016 I hear you say, well that is what this update is all about

New Website

We have updated the Kings of the North website today and it can be found at, and there you will find all of the most up to date information about the event.

 Rules Pack

We have updated the Warhammer 40,000 rules pack which was missing a key word that would have banned Gargantuan Creatures, oops! We have also uploaded the rules pack for the Saturday Malifaux event as well, hopefully the Sunday rules pack will follow shortly.

Place Caps

While we were at Moor House for the Heresy Weekender, we sat down and had a discussion about how many people we can handle at the event in terms of area, tables, scenery and logistics, so  they are as follows.

  • Bolt Action:- 18 Places
  • Malifaux:- 18 Places (17 currently available on both days)
  • Warhammer 40,000:- 24 Places (19 places available for the GT and 22 places available for the Friendly currently available)
  • X-Wing:- 20 Places (19 currently available)

This means that the total attending could be as high as 122, more once we settle on how we are organising the last event.

Magic: The Gathering

The plan is still in place to have a Magic: The Gathering Standard Draft on Sunday, we are just finalising details for that as we speak, I hope to have some more information available for this in the next week or so.

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Horus Heresy Weekender – The Storming of Dantris III – 2 Tickets Now Available


Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, we have had two spaces open up for the weekender, so if you want to come along, please grab your tickets now!

Tickets cost £40, you get two night accommodation and food, as well as three games on Saturday, two singles games of 3500 pts, and then a doubles game of 7000pts per side. Sunday will be a large scale apocalypse style clash game. And on Friday and Saturday evening the tables will be free for pickup games, along with some board and card games as well.

This is going to be an awesome weekend, and I hope a couple more of you guys get the opportunity to join us.

Tickets can be purchased here

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Bolt Action Event Pack


Just a quick update to let you all know that we have published the event pack for the Bolt Action tournament at Kings of the North 2016, it can be downloaded here, and tickets can be purchased here.

The Bolt Action tournament is being ran by the Northumbrian Adventurers Guild of Blyth, and there are running another Bolt Action event on the 21st February, Northumbrian Allied Assault!, I highly recommend you take a look as the guys from NAG know how to run a good event.

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Kings of the North Warhammer 40,000 Event Pack


I hope everyone has had a good new year, well I have hit the floor running in organising Kings of the North, the food is finally sorted, which is a huge relief, and the event pack for the Warhammer 40k events is now available to download here. As with all things, feedback is appreciated, so if you have any comments please contact us on Facebook, or email us on

The Bolt Action event pack is not too far behind, and I will chase up the Malifaux packs as soon as I can get hold of the TOs.

Next week I hope to begin sorting out the sponsors and getting some prizes together.

Tickets are available to buy now at our ticket store.

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NETC Standings After Sunderland Slaughter III


With the results in from yesterdays Sunderland Slaughter III held at Worhamma, we have an update to the North East Tournament Circuit Standings.

Harry Welsh of the Durham Raiders becomes the 8th person to gain 3 results, making him eligible for the end of season awards, in this case he slots into position to gain the coveted Wooden Warhammer!

No change at the top, but Conrad and Craig manage to get a few more points to consolidate their current positions.

Congratulations to everyone yesterday and I hope it was an enjoyable tournament and everyone had fun, witha particular congratulations to the over all winner yesterday, Craig Young.

Darlington Dogs of War have plans to hold a Highlander tournament in January, and we will keep you up to date with any further NETC events.

RankFirst NameLast NamePoints
2ConradDakarn 302.6464
24Richard Oxman90.9936
34Geoff Snowdon70.104
39Richard Duncan57.912
53Andrew Waite29.33216
54Darren Allwright27.28096
57Daniel Andrews22.5632
65EricHoath 0

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Gathering of the Storm


On Saturday 12 guys descended on the excellent Waugh Games arena to play in the prequel event to our forthcoming Horus Heresy Weekender – The Storming of Dantris III.

Graham Mills of the Durham Raiders, organised an amazing event, with interesting missions, and it was fun and extremely entertaining. Starting out we played Tide of War and I was drawn against a World Eaters army, featuring Angron himself.

The Emperors Children march towards the lines of the Ultramarines
I deployed 2nd and failed to seize the initiative, and my opens Deredeo, Sicarian and Predator ripped into one of my tactical squads, followed by an orbital bombardment which combined reduced the squad from 20 marines to just 9 and I was at this point nervous.

In my 1st turn I managed to whittle down one his assault squad with my Quad Mortar Rapiers, and took a few marines out with my Sicarian from Angrons tactical squad meat shield.

Then Angron, separated from his tactical squad and destroyed my Sicarian, only to have my Fire Rator fly on and take him out in one round of shooting. After this the game turned around for me and I began whittling the rest of the World Eaters down, and had the joy of seeing my 10 man assault squad go up against a twenty man assault squad, and by the end of the game, still had the Sqt and a single marine holding out against 7 World Eaters.


This Fire Raptor just killed Angron in on round of shooting.
 My win helped the forces of the emperor win the first round, and then we had a break for lunch in which me and some of the other raiders popped out to McDonalds for lunch, after which we had a doubles game. I was teamed up with a fellow 13th Legion player, who had a tank heavy force, including a Fellblade, with some Imperial Army allies.

The game was Cataclysm and we were buggred from the start as our troops were all footsloggers, and our opponents, some more World Eaters and Emperors Children were all in Rhinos, despite a heroic fight, we failed to score a single point, however my thud guns proved their worth as did my allies Fellblade (mine is getting built tomorrow).

In the end the doubles ended in victory for the forces of the Warmaster, and that meant overall the day ended in an overall victory for the filthy traitors.

One rather good aspect was secret missions, at the days beginning we were randomly given an envelope with a mission we had to accomplish in one of our two games, mine was to keep my battle brothers warlord alive, which I managed to do so, this was a nice little twist to all of our games and made for another brilliant aspect to the day.


Me with my medals for best narrative moment
 In the awards, Harry Scarr won best painted for his Mechanicum, and I won best narrative moment for my Fire Raptors culling of Angron. Mr Scarr also brought along some rather excellent gaming mats, I shall have to try and see if I can borrow some for the weekender.

I hope this event showed off the kind of event we want to put on for the Storming of Dantris III, and we will use this event to set the stage for the weekender, giving the forces of the Warmaster a slight advantage in game 1.
The event pack for the weekender will be finished off this week, and our graphics guy will tart it up a bit, so hopefully it will be up for the beginning of next week. But we have now just 6 tickets left, so if you want to come, I suggest acting sooner rather than later. You can buy tickets here.

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Horus Heresy Weekender – The Storming of Dantris III


The Horus Heresy has been getting more and more popular these past 18 months here in the north east, with more and more players at almost every club in the north east. I myself have been seduced into joining this excellent game by a combination of a balanced rule-set that is fun and narrative, as well as the awesome book series.

11080981_830620853653420_885604107473493918_nI was also very excited to see a Throne of Skulls for the Horus Heresy being held at Warhammer World, but alas I was unable to get a ticket for myself, and I was not alone in that. But to tide ourselves over, the Durham Raiders, have arranged for a day of Heresy gaming next weekend at Waugh Games in Middlesbrough with armies of 2500pts.

But following on from that we are organising our own Heresy Weekender in March next year – The Storming of Dantris III, a residential narrative event with armies of 3500pts and 4 games.

Held on the 11th March to the 13th March, you get two night accommodation and food, as well as three games on Saturday, two singles games of 3500 pts, and then a doubles game of 7000pts per side.   Sunday will be a large scale apocalypse style clash game. And on Friday and Saturday evening the tables will be free for pickup games.

20781_830620826986756_1211378888277239451_nThe event will be held at Moor House Adventure Centre, where we held the incredible Kings of the North 2015 earlier this year, we have full use of the venue and will be holding the games in the main hall. We have some amazing terrain and scenery, Durham Raiders will be running a tuck shop selling chocolates, sweets, pop and beer, so we can have an amazing weekend of beer, banter and games.

Tickets for this amazing weekend cost £40 (About £15 cheaper than the Throne of Skull), which also covers accommodation and food as well, and this is being run at cost (in fact I will probably make a loss once card payment fees are taken off) so there is no profiteering here, we just want to have a great and fun weekend.

The Facebook event can be found here and we will be keeping you all up to date with the event there.

You can buy your tickets here now, and I hope to see some awesome armies ready to challenge my Ultramarines!